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Creative Bedroom Lighting Ideas


Bedrooms are not the part of the house that is used only for sleeping. It is also the place where activities are done such as reading book, watching TV even doing yoga. Bedroom lighting types are shaped according to the use of these preferences.

Please note that the effects of lighting on human psychology is very important. Especially the use of sunshine has great importance both economically and psychologically.

First of all, we recommend you to have more than one lighting tool in your bedroom for different purposes. The size of your bedroom in square meters is also important when determining this lighting. Especially in large bedrooms, it is better to choose the pendant chandeliers that can provide sufficient lighting.

Bedroom Lighting Types

We mentioned that there should be more than one bedroom lighting. Each individual will have different needs, while your couple is reading book you may want to sleep that’s why it will be good to have lighting application for each of you.

In general, the second lighting is carried out by lamp shades on the nightstand or by the wall lights on the bed. You can read the article “Decorative Living Room Lamp Shade Models ”

White light, which is provided by LED lights, can be used as general lighting. Beside this when using white light it is necessary to state that its intensity and direction should be adjusted. Otherwise, the lighting of the bedroom will not differ from the living room lighting.

We would also like to note that the lighting accessories used for the bedroom are not only used by the light source to contact us. These accessories are also an important part of decoration. While choosing the lighting, the furniture you use in your bedroom will give you an idea. For modern furniture designs, instead of classical lighting models, it would be more appropriate to choose metallic designs.

In the bedrooms you can also use the lamp shade as a second lighting. Floor lamp application provides a stylish appearance and does not give direct light, it is frequently preferred among bedroom lightings.

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