You Know The Difference Between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator?

I know many of you are wondering the difference between an interior designer and interior decorator. In this article we will write down what makes a designer and a decorator. So you will be able to see the points which define the difference.

Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator

What makes an interior designer?

If you want to be an interior designer, you have to follow a two year or four year program. This career needs a formal university training and even you may have to pass some exams to be a registered designer in your local area or city. So this education topic is one of the most important difference.

What skills you need? You need to know how to plan the space. You need to know math and functions to calculate all numbers and plan the place at the beginning of the project.

What makes an interior decorator?

There is not any university program that you have to follow. You just need to have a decorative perspective. For sure you may need to have some training programs to learn the basics of interior design.

What skills you need? You should have good taste. You should combine the furnitures, colors, accessories in a good way to make your customers happy. You should give your customers what they need. So this career mainly focus about aesthetics.


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